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And then I saw a bright light I was about to faint, but luckily I grabbed a bottle of water from the person who was sitting next to me on the beach and poured it on my face. I thought what a relief. My day was over and I left the beach. It had been a […]

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Predict: I predict that this question will be about subtraction. Read: Ian started with the same number of marbles as his brother Francis. After winning 4 marbles from Francis, Ian realises he now has twice as many marbles as his brother. How many marbles does Ian have now? Clarify I had nothing to clarify. Big […]

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One day, in the year 200 a rich lady named Elizabeth Anthony was riding in a limo to the grand hotel. She arrived at the hotel with fancy clothes. She went to the front desk and said ” One room for Elizabeth Anthony ”. The girl at the front desk said ”Top floor on the right”. While […]



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