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Canberra recount


I couldn’t believe it when we had final got to camp Canberra. 10 long hours on the bus. That first day in Canberra we just relaxed, had some dinner and went to bed ready for a new sight to see. My  favourite part of camp was the AIS or the institute of sport. We had a guide to talk us through the AIS and the features it has. His name was Joe. He showed us around the AIS and the first amazing feature we saw was the swimming that cost 17 million dollars with all the bits and pieces around it. Then we saw the Australian netball team warming up and doing stretches in the weights room. The weights room consisted of treadmills, weights and rope climbing. Joe told us some fantastic records that were held their like, a nine year old girl climbing a rope in nine seconds and the rope was about 15 meters high. We had also seen the men Volley Ball team training and practising skills and tactics. Then all the groups went up into a room filled with sport games and we had so much fun. There was basketball, football, skying, vertical jumping, reflexes and so much more. My favourite was the vertical jumping as I got 1 metre 45 cm. I also liked basketball as there was a wheel chair that you could shoot from, but it was very hard to make the distance. After around 45 minutes in their  we all lined up outside. It was my favourite thing to so in Canberra and it was a fun experience. I learnt many things and I enjoyed myself at the AIS.

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