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Orientation day for St. Kevins


A couple of weeks ago I had orientation day for St.kevins. It’s where we get a peak of the environment and how the school works. I usually go to school by public transport but on that day it was raining, so the trains weren’t running and they were running late. My brother and I walked to st.kevins and unfortunately I got drenched in rain and I was 1 hour late to my class were they were doing there math test. A few year 10 students helped us to go to our class and get ready for testing. My first test was maths and it was based around patterns. I felt quite confident with it and soon I had my English. I didn’t feel as confident with my English as it is my weaker subject. I didn’t have recess because I had to work and straight after recess finished it was my next test. It was another maths and it was just fractions and spinning shaped around. I had a quick snack and then when we had finished all of our testing we went into the smith hall and had some lunch. Year 10 students served us some hot dogs in bread with a juice box. I had a second serving and straight after we had tryouts for sport. I did basketball as my sport and first we did some lay ups. That is where we run to the hoop and have a shot. We also did some 3 point shooting and I felt quite confident with that. Most of the other kids had the same talent as me. Then we had a game and I formed a team of 5 people and I we played a 5 on 5. Our team didn’t win too many games but we all had fun. After, I met my brother and we went back home by the train. It wasn’t raining any more so the public transport was up and running. It was a fun and new experience and I am looking forward to going to the school next year.

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