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Orientation day for St. Kevins


A couple of weeks ago I had orientation day for St.kevins. It’s where we get a peak of the environment and how the school works. I usually go to school by public transport but on that day it was raining, so the trains weren’t running and they were running late. My brother and I walked to st.kevins and unfortunately I got drenched in rain and I was 1 hour late to my class were they were doing there math test. A few year 10 students helped us to go to our class and get ready for testing. My first test was maths and it was based around patterns. I felt quite confident with it and soon I had my English. I didn’t feel as confident with my English as it is my weaker subject. I didn’t have recess because I had to work and straight after recess finished it was my next test. It was another maths and it was just fractions and spinning shaped around. I had a quick snack and then when we had finished all of our testing we went into the smith hall and had some lunch. Year 10 students served us some hot dogs in bread with a juice box. I had a second serving and straight after we had tryouts for sport. I did basketball as my sport and first we did some lay ups. That is where we run to the hoop and have a shot. We also did some 3 point shooting and I felt quite confident with that. Most of the other kids had the same talent as me. Then we had a game and I formed a team of 5 people and I we played a 5 on 5. Our team didn’t win too many games but we all had fun. After, I met my brother and we went back home by the train. It wasn’t raining any more so the public transport was up and running. It was a fun and new experience and I am looking forward to going to the school next year.

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100# week 15


opened my eyes. It was Christmas! I ran to the Christmas tree and saw a strange red present under the tree. It said “to John” which was me. I was nervous because I really wanted a ps4 and my parents told me that they would think about it. I slowly unwrapped the present and there it was. There was a ps4 with fifa 15 and 2 controllers. I celebrated in happiness jumping up and down. I plugged in the ps4 and started playing fifa. It was the best day ever and I couldn’t wait to start playing my brand new ps4.

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100wc #14


A huge rusty boat had washed up on a rocky beach just south of Melbourne. It was a boat used in the war where many people died and that boat had crashed and was lost in sea.  The strong wind and current had dragged the ship south of Melbourne and has got lots of scientist’s attention. They all wanted to research into the ship and find it history like who used it and for what. This ship was estimated to sell for around 1,000,000 dollars because it was used in the war.

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Math mate post on blog term 4 week 7 question 22


Predict: I thought this question would be about division or multiplication.

Read:Which deal costs less per litre?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Big question:What deal is cheaper per litre?

Mathematicians toolbox: I used have i seen a similar problen before


First I worked out what 8.50 x 4 was, because it was only 1 litre, and the other deal was 4 liters, and 8.50 x 4 was $33.50 for 4 L. So A is $32 per 4 liters, and B is $33.50 per 4 liters. So A is the answer.

Summary: I used the work backwards to help me with this question.

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Math mate post on blog term 4 week 8 question 22


Predict: I predict this question will be about cost.

Read: Which deal costs less per millimeter?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

Mathematicians toolbox: i used have i seen a similar problem before.

Big question: The big question is which deal costs less per milliliter

Solve: First looked at the possible answers  and b had more cost so i doubled a and i found that the answer was because if i kept doubling a it would cost more so the answer is a.

Summary: I learnt that you need to keep trying this question and test different possibilities.


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BTN: Bloopers


In this video, there are lots of funny moments that have happened during this series of BTN. Usually the bloopers are funny and weren’t meant to happen.  The bloopers in this video mainly included people forgetting their lines, messing up or laughing mid sentence. I think that this will be the last of the BTN as they usually put bloopers at the end. They also have a quiz to test what u have learnt through out the series of BTN, but i think they might have it next year.


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Canberra recount


I couldn’t believe it when we had final got to camp Canberra. 10 long hours on the bus. That first day in Canberra we just relaxed, had some dinner and went to bed ready for a new sight to see. My  favourite part of camp was the AIS or the institute of sport. We had a guide to talk us through the AIS and the features it has. His name was Joe. He showed us around the AIS and the first amazing feature we saw was the swimming that cost 17 million dollars with all the bits and pieces around it. Then we saw the Australian netball team warming up and doing stretches in the weights room. The weights room consisted of treadmills, weights and rope climbing. Joe told us some fantastic records that were held their like, a nine year old girl climbing a rope in nine seconds and the rope was about 15 meters high. We had also seen the men Volley Ball team training and practising skills and tactics. Then all the groups went up into a room filled with sport games and we had so much fun. There was basketball, football, skying, vertical jumping, reflexes and so much more. My favourite was the vertical jumping as I got 1 metre 45 cm. I also liked basketball as there was a wheel chair that you could shoot from, but it was very hard to make the distance. After around 45 minutes in their  we all lined up outside. It was my favourite thing to so in Canberra and it was a fun experience. I learnt many things and I enjoyed myself at the AIS.

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100WC #12


The lord of nulth was shocked to find a rabbit in the sack. This rabbit was no ordinary rabbit, He had eyes as red as flowers and he had a very angry look on his face. He was kicked in the sack and this made him very angry. He quickly jumped out of the bag and started to kick the lord of nulth in the shin and legs. He had very sharp nails on his paw and this meant that he also could scrape him and give him many scars. The rabbit rushed away and the lord demanded his army to follow him.

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Math Mate post on blog term 4 week 6 question 22


Predict: I predict that this question will be about multiplication and money.

Read: Which deal cost less per metre?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Mathematician’s toolbox: I used have i seen a similar problem.

Big question: The big question is what deal costs less per metre

Solve: First, I multiplied 15 by 3, because that then equalled 45. Then, because I had multiplied 15 metres by 3, I multiplied the price, $1.50 by 3. That was $4.50, so it was less than deal B, $5 for 45 metres, and therefore better value.

Summary: I used the strategy have i seen a similar problem to solve this question

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100wc #11


Yesterday, was the annual Remembrance Day for all the people that fought in the ware but sadly lost their life. This year marks 100 years that the war began. Lots of countries faced off as they were battling for freedom. The men went out to war, which made the Mum and her children worried and devastated. There were, many cruel years of countries killing other people. Every year there are poppies to remember and commemorate Aussies that fought in the war to fight for our country, and the country that we all live in now.

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