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Sudoku Trap


by Julian Oro



One day at school 3 boys named Peter, Jake and Fred went to the library during their lunch break. They had gone there to find a book to read and while they were searching for books they saw a notice of a story writing competition the prize for winning would be a bicycle. They thought they would enter the competition to win the prize.

After school that day, the boys went to Peter’s house to work on their story. As they were brainstorming ideas, they started typing their ideas on the computer. While they were finishing off, they heard a big thunder storm and suddenly they heard a big clap of thunder and all the power went off. The boys looked at each other in the dark and they realised that they had not  saved their work. Eventually, the power came back on and Peter and the boys tried to find their story but could not find it anywhere. Peter was very disappointed and hit his head on the computer screen. Suddenly, his head went through the computer screen and he felt something pulling him into the computer. He yelled out to Jake and Fred, who held on to his hand but it wasn’t enough and they all got sucked into the computer.


The boys seemed to be in a computer file of Sudoku challenges. Then, they heard a robotic voice telling them that they had to complete a Sudoku challenge in five minutes if they wanted to get their story back. If they did not complete the challenge, they would be stuck in the computer forever.


Peter, Jake and Fred began to try and solve the puzzle. They managed to fill in the first 4 boxes in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. There were only 2 minutes and 30 seconds left to finish the puzzle. Time was running out and they still had 5 boxes to finish. They continued filling in the puzzle and with 10 seconds left, they still had 1 more box to solve. They quickly put in random numbers and with luck, they got that box correct. Suddenly Peter, Jake and Fred were transported out of the computer and found themselves back in Peter’s house facing the computer with their story that they were writing, on the screen. They cheered and quickly saved their story and printed it out.

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