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Skip Palenik


Skip Palenik was born in 1946. He is an American forensic scientist. He was fascinated with microscopes from a very young age. He received his first microscope when he was eight years old. He is a forensic microscopist which means that he tries to analyze the smallest, most miniscule particle of something to identify what it is and where it comes from.


From 1966 to 1969, he worked as an intelligence analyst inGermanyfor United States Army Intelligence. When he returned, he went to college to study, and came out with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from theUniversityofIllinoisatChicago. In 1974,  Mr Palenik joined McCrone Associates, as a research microscopist. He worked for the company for eighteen years, in various positions.


Mr Palenik has also taught microscopy at the Illinois Institute of Technology and theUniversityofIllinoisat Chicago, and the McCrone Research Institute. In 1992, he started his own company called  Microtrace  to provide microscopy, microchemistry, and forensic consulting services to a variety of clients.

Mr Skip Palenik is one of America’s most respected microscopists and has worked on some of the most well-known cases from around the world such as the Atlanta Child Murders, the Air India Bombing, the Narita Airport bombing  in Tokyo, the Hillside Strangler in LA, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber, and the reinvestigation of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.He has also worked on the Green River Serial Murders where his special research in the identification of unknown single small particles and tracing it  back to their origins, played a key part in catching the killer. Skip identified microscopic spray paint spheres at his laboratory, Microtrace, to a specific brand and composition of paint used at the factory where the killer, who had murderd  71 women, worked during the time  when a number of the victims had been killed.


One day, in the year 200 a rich lady named Elizabeth Anthony was riding in a limo to the grand hotel. She arrived at the hotel with fancy clothes. She went to the front desk and said

” One room for Elizabeth Anthony ”.

The girl at the front desk said

”Top floor on the right”.

While she was walking to her room she noticed that she left her piece of writing on the limo’s seat. She quickly ran down and saw a cleaner in her way. The cleaner said to Elizabeth Anthony

” What thinks you can walk on the streets alone”.

Elizabeth Anthony replied with ” because I am carrying a gun”


When the cleaner heard that she was carrying a gun she fainted. Elizabeth strolled over the cleaners body and ran out to see if the limo was there. She saw it turn left. She ran hardly with all her power and before she new it she was right beside the limo. She jumped on and held on with her life. She climbed in and noticed it was the wrong limo. Elizabeth Anthony said to the limo driver

” There is the limo named 2987”.

The limo driver said ” I don’t know”.

”. Elizabeth Anthony held the gun to the limo’s drivers head and said ” Tell me or i’ll shoot you ”.

The limo driver sped quickly to the other limo she was on originally. She could see her piece of writing on the back seat of the limo. It was a red light. The limo she was on right now let her out. She went to the other limo, picked up her piece of paper, kicked the limo driver out and went back home. She was driving to her hotel when she saw the police outside the hotel. She walked into the hotel and the cleaner said

” that is the girl that is carrying a gun”

. Elizabeth froze and the police cuffed her and sent her to jail for the rest of her life and she was kept in the safest place in the jail.


The hotel was up and running and the cleaner was back to working. The limo drivers were back to driving and they both were taking people around and checking there handbags for a gun. If they had a gun or a weapon they would have a fees of 1000 dollars and if they couldn’t afford it they would be sent to jail.



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